Technology is so vital in all businesses nowadays as it unlocks all sorts of benefits not only reducing cost but also delivering growth.Nearly every growth business processes on the pin of technology so naturally enough businesses every where are looking for systems to help with the planning and organization things. Then what are the benefits of technology?

As technology accelerates life, also it makes our life easier. As technology has become the source of life for many people . There are a lot of job opportunities such as web designing,programming and customer service. In this world that we are living in there are so many people who are earning money from the computer. You can earn money using the technology like web developer, web site designer.

Also we can save all information about everything about past or present thanks to technology. Such examples are camera, smart phones or tablets. We can save happiness and our most memorable  moments and days.

Moreover, we can increase success through technology. Our knowledge and opinion could be stored and be shared in the internet which is a product of technology. ( As of today as you are reading, this is a product of technology )

But what makes this possible? Technology have not reached any milestones not until the discovery of micro chip took place. If not for this discovery technology will be very slow and all things will be heavy. Our modern day technology is all thanks to continuous development of integrated circuit!