We do a lot in electronics. Entertainment, electronic game to telling time in a digital scale or reading your brain waves in your electronic computer. There are probably million ways to use it. Every circuit does this job using a variety of components. From resistors to diodes to capacitors are all brought together to bring in a new function. Eventhough this devices are different to one another they have similarly task along the way. So instead of building say a timer circuit instead of building it with different parts of semiconductor we can preassebled it in single device or a one single chip hence the name it self is called Integrated Chip or most famously called IC.

IC’s are pretty  common nowadays black, square rectangular metal pins for legs through a hole for dip. These legs are being used for mounting it through the holes of a PC board.

Many chips can be damaged by connecting the power backwards or by electromagnetic discharge. Possibly it will create a little pop with smoke. In order to replace IC’s better it is recommended that IC’s be mounted in a socket.

Long before the first chips were ever first manufactured the concept of integrated circuits are just twinkle in the eye of british scientist Jeffrey Dumber in the early 1950s Dumber spread his smart idea describing that electronic equipment in a solid black with no connecting wires consisting of layers of insulating conducting and rectifying and amplifying materials that could be a description of basically what we use and build  upon today. His attempts to create a prototype IC of his own didn’t pan out.
The first IC’s invented were first invented by 2 researchers working simustaneously. It was Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments used germanium as the chips substrate while Robert Noyces made his from silicon .

Computers first made used of the technology replacing large arrays of transistors with the monolithic designs . Jack Kilby’s first ICs held one transistor within it.Nowadays, chips are made that could contain hundreds of millions of functional transistors.

When working with a new chip. The first thing that you have to do is to look at it’s data sheet. Essentially an IC manual data sheet comes with the IC package but can be downloaded too in the internet