Clearing the Confusion between Laptop and Netbook?

Do you know the difference between a laptop and a netbook? You don’t have to be confused at all. There are a lot of difference between the two. Aside from the size and weight, we should know the difference to clear any confusion. Laptops vary in size, there are small sizes and even sleek but there are also laptops that are large and some are even bulky. While netbooks are usually very small in size and easier to carry for its light weight.

In terms of battery life, laptops has limited battery life and it has a limited span of use while netbooks are energy efficient. In terms of use, laptops are usually used for work or playing games and it could handle difficult tasks. For netbooks, it is usually being used for internet browsing and online activities. In terms of weight, laptops are of course heavier than netbooks. A laptop is usually 1.4 to 5.4 kg in weight while netbooks usually weigh between 0.9 to 1.4 kg. Laptops usually has a DVD-drive and other accessories.

They are present in an integrated fashion while netbooks usually don’t have integrated DVD drives that’s why they are lighter in weight. Laptops has a cooling system while netbooks don’t have so usually there is an overheating of the processor. Now learn this techniques in building up your career online. Click and  jump over here in which it will give you information about how to optimize your products and services online. This is a great source as it serves a big help for you and your business.