Things change it’s one of the constants in life. This is more than true in computing . If you can compare old laptops with newer versions. You’d find new and different looks and power. Laptop started a millennium ago . This is technically true though we are in 2016. The first concept of laptop started in 1968. Firmly within the last millennium. With Alan Kay a computer program pioneer. He had a vision of computer that is hand held. A tablet like with a screen and a keyboard. He called it the dynabook. This became the inspiration of the Laptop and influence the design accordingly. His vision can not materialize immediately . There are a lot technical hurdles that needed to be ¬†overcome but even though the materials weren’t there . There were companies that gave their best shot .

It was IBM that large corporation that produce the first laptop. Surprisingly the first laptop weighed 50 lbs. That’s like a half sack of rice. First announced in 1975. It is still compared to our modern day desktop.

After 6 years. There is a mark improvement the Osborne 1 was created it was half the weight of the IBM 1 . For many people this is the true first laptop . It also had a keyboard that could be flipped down through reveal a 5 inch screen and a floppy disk. But some argue that true Laptop is the Gavilan SC which debut in 1983. For one thing it looks more a laptop than the Osborne. It weighed at even lighter 14 lbs. It’s added feature was MS-DOS . For some time Laptops copied the Gavilan design and many companies mimic almost all its features. The major design of Gavilan SC changed in 1991. During that Faithful year Apple released the Powerbook 100. It’s greatest innovation came from the keyboard. They pushed it back when it originally rested on the edge. The company put a palm rest and a trackball before the keyboard . It became the Laptop design that everyone copied. In the year 2000 Microsoft produced a laptop with the use of stylus though it didn’t became popular. As time progress the Net book was created. It was a very light laptop with around 7″ display computer. Then in 2008 Apple created a netbook like called Mac Book . As trends continue it becomes more slimmer and slimmer.

Nowadays, Laptop looks like they will be replaced by tablets. But eventually Laptops have much life in it and tablets are still improving.