The Relationship Between Engineering and Technology

Sometimes there are terms or field or practice that is not easily distinguished from each other. They can create a little bit of confusion. Sometimes they are interchanged with each other. Until you find out the big difference or the line that separates them then you cannot understand about it clearly. Today let us understand about engineering and technology. Engineering and technology is different from each other but there are things that its definition and difference overlaps each other that you cannot totally separate them.

So they are still related in some ways or go hand in hand in some ways. Let us first understand each of them by defining each word. In the field of engineering its goal and focus is to build, develop, improved or invent something that is useful in the society and everywhere that needs something like business. These built by engineering is called technologies read more here They are created for the purpose of making people’s lives easier and lighter to lessen burdens and duties.

Examples of these are microwave oven, can openers, zippers, safety glass, rice cooker, television, radio, camcorders and steam engines. There are many more that was created (called technology) as a result of engineering. We can simply understand about engineering and technology by simple definition or description. Engineering refers to the process of creating a product. Technology simply refers to the results or the product.