What are the Greatest Inventions of All Time?

There are many inventions that we know of today. Everything we have today is a product of invention. If no one have discovered and develop about the television or radio then we cannot have one even at this time. When rice cooker was not invented, we just have to cook with fire from burner or from wood. Now we can cook by electricity. Also in the record of the bible in the book of Job in the Old Testament it describes about the water cycle.

Job wrote words that describes the water cycle in his own understanding as it was not yet made known to them yet at that time. When it was discovered it was given the name water cycle. Like this we will remain ignorant of something if it was not yet known or discovered. Today let us give some credit to these inventions by giving some lists of some of the greatest inventions, Going Here. Some of these is air conditioning which is invented by Willis Haviland Carrier in the year 1902.


Others are aerosol can (invented by Erik Rotheim in the year 1926), airbag for automotive (invented by John Hetrick in the year 1952), engine-powered airplane (invented by Wilbur & Orville Wright in the year 1903), paper (invented in China in about 100 BC), electricity (maybe invented by Benjamin Franklin an American in the 18th century), printing press (invented by German Johannes Gutenberg in 1439), telephone, vaccination and cars. Now companies areĀ used to sell this inventions.