Why study Engineering

To this day, many people are finding careers and set ways to find where they are comfortable at. If you don’t have idea to it yet. This page will advocate Engineering as a course. So why Engineering? If you like math and simple logic, engineering will come in handy. Engineering mostly focuses on the part of mathematics and science. Yes it involves a lot of problem solving matters and logic and good thing about it is that it could be applied to real life.

Studying engineering could be broken into electrical, mechanical and structural in general. If you want to study in the field of technologies electrical engineering will suit you up and in you are in to automotive etc mechanical engineering will suite you and lastly if you are in building houses structural engineering is for you. There are many career paths in engineering and in many fields many types of works and career will follow you.

So the question is why study engineering? If you ever wonder why there is computer,laptop, smart phone, houses and how it was built. These things are all thanks to engineering. It is said that the lifeblood of these works are engineering stuffs. If you wish to be part and make legacy in all things around you the best way is to contribute around you. The best way to do that is become an Engineer and solve many problems and discover and invent new things like the great engineers did.